Pre ICO e-Commerce Automation

PRE ICO goal?
Collecting funds to complete the construction of the largest fully automated e-Commerce platform in Full Dropshipping technology with a huge network of AFFILIATE stores and its own financial infrastructure.

The fastest growing e-commerce marketworth
more than 2,3 TRILLION Dolars!

Pre-sale in progress
The ICO phase begins on July 16, 2018.

Last days to receive the 100% bonus

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e-Commerce platform

A connection among producers of goods and wholesalers with owners of operating online stores

Our own financial system

Possibility to set up and run your own fully automated store free of charge

Various wallet suport

Full support for P2P transfers and mobile wallets allowing easy use of Guar Coin

Exchange System

Creation of our own platform for exchanging tokens and signing Smart Contracts

Our core

What is Guar Coin?

Imagine you are the owner of a cryptocurrency which you can use in thousands of online stores around the world. Every day Guar Coin gains in value thanks to the fact that from the very beginning it was introduced into circulation within a huge online sales infrastructure.

During the official debut, Guar Coin will be a strong value of market exchange, being at the same time a great solution for individual investors who want to profit by a dynamic growth in its value.

  • Planned implementation of Blockchain Technology
  • A huge and powerful affiliate system
  • e-Commerce infrastructure
  • Sales ecosystem
  • Global token and cryptocurrency in the future
  • Private transactions


General system scheme

e-Commerce Automation

Fully Automated Online Sales System

Thanks to the application of innovative solutions, each producer and wholesalers will be able to use the leverage of hundreds of thousands of scattered online stores run by individual entrepreneurs all over the world. A solution adapted to both existing and emerging stores.

In each of these stores you will be able to use Guar Coin do the shopping
which will give a significant advantage over other cryptocurrencies available online.

Advanced affiliate engine

Joint recommendation system in online stores

We have created a system where anyone running their online store can recommend products from other stores.

Imagine a system of thousands of online stores where a customer who was once-recommended is permanently assigned to the referrer. The use of Blockchain technology has allowed us to create a fully automated management system for products and orders. And the introduction of Guar Coin into the e-Commerce network will significantly simplify shopping.

Here’s Your Chance

You can buy GUAR Tokens before they get officially into circulation

We know it perfectly well that the future of shopping belongs to the Internet and thanks to the appropriate e-Commerce Automation infrastructure which we are building, we will significantly influence the way people shop online.

5 TN

(trillion) dollars – value of e-Commerce market in Europe


value of GUAR tokens in pre-sale


of GUAR tokens to be distributed in the Pre ICO phase

35 MLN

dollars – goal for the Pre ICO phase

Price Guar Coin in pre sales

0.01 GUAR

Every purchase today is additional:



Plan for project launch and implementation of individual stages


Infrastructure planningPreparation of the entire concept and creation of a business plan of the entire e-Commerce Automation structure.

MAY 2016

Affiliate engine creationAn advanced differential-linear affiliate engine was created to distribute commissions from sold products connected to the entire system. System tests were carried out on a group of over 15,000 customers.

APRIL 2017

I STAGE - a database systemA database system was created to support the flow of multi-million bases of goods and orders.


Integration with wholesalersThe first wholesalers were connected to the central storage system. A database of over 140,000 products of various kinds was imported.


The visual part of the data exchange systemThe completion of construction works of the platform for the exchange of goods, being a connection between producers and wholesalers with the owners of online stores

APRIL 2018

Pre ICO phaseThe first 10% of tokens areavailable for distribution to determine the ICO price in order to collect funds for tne completion of the project. A total of 3.5 billion Guar Coin tokens. The estimated share of value in the Pre ICO phase is 35 million dollars.

JUNE 2018

Integration of the system and payment gatewaysThe last phase of the system integration into a two-way communication system to providethe flow of goods and orders between wholesalers and owners of online stores.

JULY 2018

INITIAL COIN OFFERING30% of tokens are released for purchase in order to raise capital for further development. It will allow us to create a modern exchange system for digital currencies based on Blockchain technology and prepare the entire e-Commerce Automation system for going international.


Pre-launch and online stores Pre-launch phase of the entire e-Commerce Automation system in the first country aimed at identifying people who want to run their own, maintenance and cost free online stores.


The official start of e-Commerce AutomationA fully automated sales network is launched connecting manufacturers and wholesalers with a huge and powerful affiliate network that turns people running their own online stores into a lever for selling products.


Virtual Shopping Malls - 3D Shop View Launch of PREMIUM solutions for producers who want to stand out and create innovative sales solutions in connection with the entire e-Commerce Automation system.

MARCH 2019

Beginning of work on your own cryptocurrency market exchangeCreating our own token exchange system online. The official release of Guar Coin to the external circulation outside the e-Commerce Automation network.

APRIL 2019

International expansionThe beginning of works aimed at introducing the entire e-Commerce Automation system in other countries to take over a large share of the 5 billion e-Commerce market in Europe alone.


Hard Fork Guar CoinThe beginning of work on our own infrastructure for GuarCoin as an independent digital currency with its own blockchain technology.


BLOCKCHAIN ERA LASTSWe will constantly work on the development of the entire e-Commerce Automation organization as well as the implementation of the possibilities of increasing the value of GuarCoin with the use of blockchain technology.

The GUARIUM e-Commerce Automation team

Our team consists of specialists and entrepreneurs who are highly qualified in their fields having vast professional experience

Grzegorz Ciupek

Chief executive officer (CEO) at five LTD companies of IT industry, Fintech, An expert in business scalability and automation. Over 20 years of experience in running and managing his own companies.

Rafał Gibas

Chief product development specialist, an innovator and enthusiast of the e-Commerce industry. Over 10- year-experience in building advanced IT platforms and managing programming teams.

Rafał Malik

Blockchain technology specialist. Creator and enthusiast of numerous innovative solutions for the affiliate industry as well as the e-commerce branch with 10 year-experience in creating and implementing IT projects.

Przemysław Zakrzewski

A specialist in creating scalable and highly available IT services. Systems design specialist. Passionate about creating and implementing solutions dedicated to the e-commerce industry.

Rafał Rzenno

Marketing director. Strategist and sales processes automation specialist. He supervises marketing teams as well as plans and optimizes marketing campaigns.

Artur Ścibisz

With vast experience in marketing, currently, he manages the department preparing the image of thousands of products available in the central e-Commerce Automation system.

Alicja Siuda

Strategic partner and CEO advisor. Responsible for the ongoing management of the company’s finances. Takes care of the proper development of the organization and supervises the implementation of business strategies.

Karolina Juda

A longtime expert in brand and image building online. She manages Socialmedia department. Responsible for all promotional and advertising activities aimed at creating a strong image of e-Commerce Automation.

Bartłomiej Mytnik

Deals with the development, identification, implementation and maintenance of information systems security. He supervises the technical support and flow of goods in the full dropshipping system.

Mateusz Kosiek

Responsible for developing and supervising the implementation of the company’s strategy on the international market. An expert in the area of key partner acquisition and increasing the availability of goods in the e-Commerce industry.

Katarzyna Butrym

Customer service expert with eight years of experience in the position. She has managed the department responsible for providing high quality services since 2016. Currently, over 15,000 customers are served by her department.

Anna Prygiel

An expert in the field of payment settlements with the use of Fiat and cryptocurrency. She supervises the billing department dealing with payments and withdrawals. Responsible for maintaining correct financial flow.

GUARIUM e-Commerce Automation advisors

We have been supported by the knowledge and experience of the best specialists and entrepreneurs in the financial, cryptocurrency, affiliate marketing and fintech industries for years.

Leszek Forytta

Operating on international capital markets for twenty years. Since 2000, he has participated in 30 IPO bond issues either alone or with partners. Participated in several dozen issues of corporate bonds. He is one of the co-founders and shareholders of the Carpathia Capital fund. He is a consultant of listed companies on strategic investors acquisition and IPO planning.

Michał Krzyżanowski

Areas of expertise: capital markets, controlling, introducing companies to the securities market and raising capital, risk management, international accounting standards (IAS) and financial statements (IFRS), strategic management, restructuring and transforming organizations, evaluation of investment projects. He sits on the supervisory boards of numerous listed companies.

Jacek Dudzic

Entrepreneur, coach, author of courses and trainings, speaker at international conferences on online marketing and direct sales, leader of marketing teams in numerous countries around the world. He started his business career 25 years ago, ran his own companies in the advertising, media and telecommunications industries. For 10 years he has managed international projects in the non-profit sector as well. Passionate about modern technologies. Investor at the cryptocurrency market since 2014. He serves as an advisor for companies and individuals conducting business activities in a number of fields both on the national and foreign markets. 

Radosław Stawiarski

An experienced businessman living in the UK, expert on currency market issues, a specialist in labor law, with rich experience in counseling and consulting for SMEs. Supported companies financially and substantively for years. Managing director and owner of successful British companies from the development, accounting, media and FinTech industries, i.e. Ferpay – transfers without borders.

Przemysław Szczęch

Winner of many prestigious prizes and multiple winner of the top positions in Internet sales rankings. A specialist in affiliation activities and an expert on effective email-marketing campaigns. Author of numerous courses and trainings on the use of affiliate systems in the construction of online businesses. Currently, he is one of the most successful world-class marketers.

Tharaka Perera

Top professional in Blockchain Concepts, ICO Advisory, ICO Marketing and Information Systems Management with over Twelve years of hands on experience in the industry. Cryptocurrency enthusiast and an active advocate for mass adoption of blockchain technology. Co-Founder of CryptoMaze ICO Marketing Agency.

Phillip Nunn

Entrepreneur, CEO and international speaker on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and fintech. Phillip Nunn founded The Blackmore Group in 2013. Today it’s grown into a business with substantial assets under management and a suite of investment products across multiple classes for individuals and institutions in the UK and overseas. With more than 15 years’ experience in financial services, Phillip specialises in wealth management, angel investment, commercial property investment and financial technology. He founded The Blackmore Group on the core belief of giving clients real and tangible alternatives to poor investment performance and providing “future proof” investment strategies.

Vladimir Nikitin

Vladimir Nikitin is professional and legal consultant with over ten years’ experience in the legal, finance, retail, and IT industries. Renown cryptocurrency expert and ICO advisor (Top-5 worldwide ICObench Expert). As an active supporter and advocate of blockchain technology, provide consultancy and advice to selected ICOs in the CIS region. Network in the crypto community counts over 30 000 members.
In portfolio: 10 ico projects with more 200 million dollars.

Nikolay Shkilev

Crypto enthusiast and mentor. Rated Top 5 in People of Blockchain. Has 20 years of experience in large-scale transaction projects. He has many awards and titles in the IT business. Self-Made Russia award. Tech guru. Super TOP award etc. Founder and CEO of Private Business Club. His Holding received “Enterprise of the Year” award in the Kremlin. Has a business in various directions. Co-Founder “Top ICO advisors”.

Buy Tokens

How to Buy Our GUAR Tokens

e-Commerce Automation

A powerful online sales platform based on Blockchain technology

In this central system, we are ready to accept multimillion commodity databases where already in this phase of preparation of the entire project we have imported over 140,000 products from 10 connected to the warehouse system.

At the moment of launch, we anticipate a stocking level of at least 1 million products and about 100 connected warehouses in one country only, in which the entire system will operate in the start-up phase. From this country, all online stores connected to the system will be able to sell in many countries, but the service system will be run from one specific country.

In the next stage, we will launch further central systems in other countries first in Europe and then in the global market.

The structure of Tokens

How does the division of Guar Coin Tokens look like?

The distribution of tokens has been divided into several phases, the first of which is Pre ICO, where users can acquire Guar Coin at a price that will allow them to earn the most on the increase in its value.

  • 15% Member I phase Pre ICO

  • 30% Member II phase ICO

  • 15% Member III phase Pre ICO

  • 15% Member IV phase Pre ICO

  • 20% Management team and employees

  • 5% It is intended for advisers



Where is e-Commerce Automation located?

E-Commerce Automation is at the heart of global business, namely in London. We had wondered for a long time where to locate the company headquarters to be a reliable partner for investors and customers in our online stores network.

What is e-Commerce Automation?

E-Commerce Automation is the largest fully automated online sales platform in Full Dropshipping technology with a powerful network of AFFILIATE stores and its own financial infrastructure.

Who can use e-Commerce Automation network?

The entire system has been designed for both producers and wholesalers looking for outlets for their products as well as people who searching for an idea for an online business. Thanks to the solution used in e-Commerce Automation, they can start building their online business in a cost-free and fully automated manner.
E-Commerce Automation is a perfect solution for everyone who is looking for an income-earning opportunities allowing them to stay at home.

How transparent is it?

In respect for our partners and investors why we have launched many communication channels. Up-to-date information on the progress of work concerning the entire e-Commerce Automation system is posted regularly.

Why do we need ICO? What is going to happen with the money?

The technology we have chosen to build the entire system is very expensive. To provide users with no cost to run their own online stores we need a huge financial investment. The aim of obtaining funds Our aim is to gather…) is to gather a great network of affiliates, clients and investors thanks to whom it will be possible to introduce the entire e-Commerce Automation system to numerous countries not only in Europe, but all over the world.

Who is behind the whole project and who is on the supervisory board?

It is crucial to choose the right people and companies to build a global enterprise such as e-Commerce Automation. That is why within the last two years of work on the project we have involved several technology companies for cooperation, including SERVAQ Blockchain Technology, Multi Payments System, as well as many well-known people who have achieved considerable success in implementing global projects.


What are Guar Coin tokens

Guar Coin is a modern, digital tool for value exchange. Imagine that you are the owner of a cryptocurrency that you can use to pay in thousands of online stores around the world and that every day Guar Coin is strengthened thanks to the fact that from the very beginning it had been in circulation within a huge online sales infrastructure.

What is the speculative value of one coin? So how much will the price increase in X months?

Unfortunately, you will not get such information from us. We do not want to speculate. But when you see the e-Commerce Automation project, you can estimate the increase in the value of the coin once it is introduced into the online sales network and admitted to stock exchange trading.

How to take part in the process of Guar Coin purchase?

Guar Coin Tokens can be purchased in 3 easy steps:

  1. Go to the Guar Coin purchase page – click here >>>
  2. Select the number of coins for purchase by typing it in the blank field or by selecting requested number with the help of a slider. Then fill in the remaining forms.
  3. After successful payment, a confirmation of order is e-mailed to you. Then after verifying the confirmation, the coins you purchased are transferred to the address of the ERC20-compliant wallet you provided.

When will Guar Coin be listed on the stock market?

Currently we are in discussion with several important big stock exchanges. We will publish listing dates as soon as we confirm them. For now, we cannot disclose any information until cooperation agreements are concluded. We plan to enter the stock exchange about 3 weeks after the completion of the main ICO phase.

Why are Guar Coins worth buying?

Many companies that issue their own coins do not have their own infrastructure, which makes their coin value increase to be purely speculative. From the very beginning Guar Coin will be used as the main means of payment in thousands of online stores around the world. The greater demand for Guar Coin, the more you will earn as an investor according  to its value increase.

Where can I sell coins?

You will be able to sell coins on most of popular stock exchanges.

What will I get after buying Guar Coin? Do I receive shares in the company?

As an investor you do not become a company shareholder but you obtain Guar Coins that serve as the main means of payment in the entire e-Commerce Automation network. Thanks to this, you have the value that you can use to buy real products as well as sell at a much better price than you bought in the Pre ICO or ICO phase.

Where can I see the purchase history of Guar Coins?

You can view the purchase history of Guar Coins in your virtual office after logging in. You will get access to the office after ordering your Guar Coins in an email.

Are the Guar Coins my property after purchase? Will I get them on any wallet?

Yes. Guar Coins are ERC20-compliant and are your property after purchase. When ordering, you’ll see a field in which you enter the address of your Ethereum wallet that supports coins created on its basis. Coins will be sent to your address after verifying the correctness of your order.

Note: For now, we are not on any stock exchange. Please do not send your coins to the stock exchange.

Which wallets support Guar Coins?

Guar Coin is ERC20-compatible, you can use all Ethereum wallets.


Is ICO legal?

It is definitely a new emerging market with a lot of uncertainty, but it is also innovative and promising. There are many large projects involving renowned people. We recommend conducting a thorough due diligence analysis on any symbolic crowdsale you are considering. There are many resources available online to assess the potential of various crowdsales.

Can anyone contribute?

Unfortunately, citizens of some countries such as the USA, Korea, China and Germany cannot contribute to Guar Coin. Every citizen of these countries is obliged to make decisions on their own and verify the investment possibilities.

Is there a minimum ICO Guar Coin limit?

Yes. The minimum limit is $ 5,000,000. This amount will enable us to start and at least complete the first phase of introducing the entire e-Commerce Automation system in the first country. Thanks to this we will connect producers with online store owners and provide a database of over one million products with full logistics and support for the entire system.

What are the limits of buying Guar Coins?

Currently, you can start your investment from just $ 1. The maximum one-time purchase of Guar Coins rates at $ 10,000. It is very important that you get twice the amount of coins at the same price as BONUS in return for the investment of at least
$ 1,000.

Where can I find the market price of Guar Coin after ICO?

All information about tokens will be displayed on your news feed in your Virtual Office, which you will get access to after purchasing Guar Coins.

I want to invest a lot of money. Will I be somehow privilaged?

Anyone who wants to invest over $ 1,000 will receive a bonus, namely additional Guar Coins. You will receive them for free as a premium because you seriously treat your investment. It is also some kind of appreciation of our business partners.

How is the e-Commerce Automation community being built through ICO?

The first phase of distribution of Guar Coins, Pre ICO coins, is the stage in which we set the price of ICO. This way a huge number of potential investors can purchase Guar Coins at a very attractive price. The goal we want to achieve is creating a huge community centered around Guar Coin. Unfortunately, the amount of Guar Coins in this phase is limited due to a very low price.


How do we protect Guar Coins?

We use many accounts. We do not use one account to store all Guar Coins. Our servers are encrypted and protected against hacker attacks and attacks by a powerful IDS (Intrusion Detection System).

Will there be only one wallet to send coins?

No. Our system was built according to the best possible security system against hacking. Funds will be allocated in thousands of wallets. For now, it is the safest and most advanced option in the ICO industry.

What is the risk of project failure?

In any business project there is some risk associated with its failure. In the case of e-Commerce Automation, you have nothing to fear because we started working on the advanced technology more than 2 years ago, which was long before we decided to launch ICO. So you do not invest in visions and plan only in a ready system in which millions have already been invested, and thanks to ICO we provide a solution that will allow investors enjoy their profits from the huge e-Commerce industry while Guar Coin increases in value.


The greater demand for Guar Coin, the more you will earn as an investor according  to its value increase.

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